Sunday, June 25, 2006

The interact carnival 2006 themed oriental express was held today, 24th june, 9.00 am-3.00pm at the school field..ok.too much detail now. anyways, everything went well..the food, exhibition(which no one bothered to see), games,and others..not to mention..joey G and jp. woot woot..oh..and too! hehe. everything was great till it rained! haih..knew it was coming..but luckily it wasn't a heavy rain! and yea.. oh my gosh! i ate durian!!...and crickets!! haha.. i joined fear factor hoping that i would win the iPod! but unfortunately, i the first round itself! haha..ooppssie.. anyways, back to the sandwich, ppl may think the crickets were gross..but to me ..nope! jus so you know, i dislike durian..and i call myself a malaysian heh? teehee.. i really dont like durian..had a bad experience eating it! dang! so yea, i was in first group with triff! we were told that were gonna eat sandwich full of durian and crickets.. i freaked out as soon as i heard the word 'Durian'..haha.and so..there were 9 contestants and the first six winners gets to go to the second round. the scary thing was, before i ate the sandwich, i opened it coz i was curious about the i did and when i opened it, the crickets were staring at me with the shiny round eye's! now that was freaky! it was actually ok la, was kinda crispy! haha..euww..hmm.not bad eh for a small girl! =0..moving on, iwas in japan as well as security! oh god, security was hardwork.. there were some that was smoking,tresspassing and some other
illegal stuff.. haih..on the other hand, japan work was fun! learned something new wraps! its so easy to do..weehee. err. what else? nothing much actually.. over all..evrything went well, but i did kinda got complains from my friends saying that the carnival wasn;t happening and boring.. well..soryy! maybe, you're just not enjoyin yerself! but i have to admit, it was kinda boring. yipes! and err, one more thing..i kinda regreted not bothering bout joey G and jp coming to our carnival..didn't get to take pics wit them and autographs..haih..oh well, their just humans..just like us! =) well...that's about it.. ok..gotta get my beauty sleep for tomorrow! another carnival! haih.. toodles..ZZzzz...
me and ili

Joey G and jp.

never thot they would so old without make-up.. teehee.

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