Monday, July 17, 2006

Girls night out. ;)
We had our Board Dinner yesterday at soulED out. Was quite fun actually. but, sadly.. Jasmine didn't make it..i don't know why? hehe. but, everything was good.. the foods were nice, the air was cool. =) There's nothin much to write actually..its all in the pictures.. haha. enjoy.
We Posers do what posers do best..
We Pose!
Diviyia: me:Avery
Avery and I


[clockwise] Ling:Pravee:Avery:me:sandy and Div

Nat: me: pravee and Ethel


Girls, girls, girls!

Front View : Side View

'Now here's something you dont see everyday'...enjoy!!

since sandy's birthday is coming up.. we decided to celebrate it..we sang the birthday song for her..and the soulED out workers heard us, they gave sandy a little gift and made her wear it..haha .. it was kinda like a hairbend thingy that said 'wild thing'..and it matches her outfit! haha. fancy enough? now thats what i call sweet 16! haha..bless ya sandy! =)

sandy..singing the 'BIrthday Girl' National anthem.

take a closer look at that small pic there!..hehe

Later thet night, we were all done with our food and busy taking pics..also we were kinda, avery had this crazy idea where we mix all the left over food and drinks in a glass. haha.. so me,nat,diviyia,and ethel agreed to do it and joined her.. haha..and the result was perfecto! and we made chien hwei and ling drink it.. haha. they actually did! suddenly avery told every each and one of us to drink it.. coz it was kinda like a ' u have to do it no matter how discusting it is' kinda the drink was passed around and everyone drank it..some felt like puking.. haha, but guess wat.. i didnt drink it! sneaky-sneaky.. i was busy doing.....something else hehe.

Sybil atttemped to drink it..but failed. yum.yum..looks delicious eh? but, you woudn't wanna know whats in it! muahaha

the looks on nat's Face..tells it all..

Family portrait =)

The New Board.. ola!

The Old Board..tata!

The Old and the New


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