Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I dont know you anymore!
He's changed..He' s really changed.
I dont know what to do,
I dont know what to think of rite now,
I just can't stand him anymore!
I can't even talk to him,
Our frienship.. its falling apart,
I try to talk to him,
but im afraid.. im always afraid.
we're fighting.. We're always fighting.
He's changed..
he shows no respect!
no. not. no one.
He hurts my feelings.
He is not the brother i know,
he is not!
I dont know why he's acting this way.
is it because..
the people he hangs out with?
the school he goes to?
the shows on tv that he watches?
I wonder...
I just wish I could turn back time
to where he was happy!
we were really good friends,
he would always crack really funny jokes. well he still does that :]
listens to my craps.
and now, all he does is...
I dont know..
he's always angry.
he's lost in his own world.
I just want a miracle..
a miracle to happen,
I want my old-innocent-fun-friendly-caring loving brother BACK!
~That's all I ask for~

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