Sunday, September 03, 2006

went for lasalle install earlier today, and i woke up at 8am, just to make sure i dont oversleep. =] then when to mei ling's house. then to la salle. the event began really late. like 30 minutes late. and yea, it was boring. hehe. no offence.
Anyways, Ling, nat and I were talking about how sandy is starting to be obsess with the colour pink! lol. she was caught redhanded with a PINK rubberband in her handbag! and she was wearing PINK socks. well, there was blue and purple if im not mistaken. hehe. but we could only see the colour PINK. oh and, she lended her PINK tie to om. and she was like "i want my tie back." im not sure what she said exactly but yea. hehe. Fess up sandy! you like PINK dont cha? hehe.


ps: theres no pink colour in the text colour thingy. hehe. so the colour similar to pink is purple?

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