Friday, January 26, 2007

oh.hello.hello.hello! gee. how long has it been? few weeks only. but, anyways, im back!
im back for goood. anyways, schoool was always! and its crazier with my friends!.haha. we had a short house meeting during the 2nd last period. they wanted to give out our number for tmmrw. oh, there's Merentas Desa btw. tmmrw! aih. i reallly wanna run, but at the same time, i wanna run the stall tooo. but its ok. its our last year and all. so yea, after the meeting, we went back straight to class. may lyn and I were fooling around. she first started to make silly faces.. like if you push your eyes and cheeks and face la basicly, then pull it downwards... you'll loook like an old person!! as in you'll look like you.. but older.... way older! haha. so yea, memang gila la. kimmy pulak started playing with her eyes. she opened her eyes widely then push it inwards. as in the skin..not the eyeball! lol. so yea,it was so scary. but at the same time, it was cute too. hahah! i should have toook a picture of it! damnation! nvm. i will. so yea, me, may lyn, kimmy and sam started pulling and stretching our face la. haha. oh oh. but michellee was busy doing her work. ish. rajin! mengada!. so yea. today imma go exercise now. hehe. i kinda wanna get at least top 50 tmmrw. I got number 63 last year! wwweeeee.

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