Thursday, December 21, 2006

hello world!

miss me? =D im currently in ma cousin's house in sheffield and it is friggin cold! plus, there's no snow! ish. and yes, i miss home,i miss my family and i miss my friends!! these are the ppl that i miss the most. without them, i feel dead. i dont laugh anymore like i use too.

my family- like duh! miss them macam giler.
triffy- i miss insulting you and.. i miss you insulting me! nyeh nyeh.
chelle- i miss crapping shit with you.. speaking of that.. are we gonna sit together next year??
Lynn- I miss hugging you and your strawberry smell! ;p
Kimmy- I miss seeing you sleep and all your amazing sleeping pose. haha.
leemin- I miss your loudness, craziness and EmOness.
SAndy- SHUT UP! i dont miss you. boo you. =p
ling- I miss going to ya house and have dance practice.
Natz- I miss your vanilla smell. hmmm
Pravee- I miss your weirdness and lameness. hahah. Lamoe!
Rami- I miss you loudness too. haha. and your lameness. =D

to those i didn't mention.. im really sorry. i miss you too. hehe.these are the ppl that i can think of right now! hehe. coz without them... where would I be.. Who would I be and What will I be? lalalalalla

p/s: I miss him too.. but I MUST get over him...PRONTO! its been almost 4 years!
pathetic nye!

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