Thursday, December 21, 2006

HoliDAY in U.K
20th-22nd December (wednesday-friday)
was in wales at this time, my cousins house. didn't do anything much.didnt really go out. we did little walking around the town. anyways, wat was more interesting nephew and niece...twins!! hehe. their soo adorable, i just wanna eat them up!! yea, their twins, 1 boy , 1 girl. cunted ey? here are some pics...
ashraf and aishah
3rd December(Sunday)
my sister had some kinda cultural night on this yea, i went for it. it was kinda boring coz it was mostly malay performances..dancing and shit. the foood was good though!

9th December(Saturday)

it was my sister 19th yea, we went out..did little shopping .ooh. heaven. something really funny happen on that day. while we were walking in town.. we passed by a shoe. in the middle of the road. more like a pavement. but still. haha.oh..and as we walked more.. we passed by tram! hahah. aiyoh..kesian the baby.

the person who left this shoe must be so unlucky. coz this shoe is really nice! =D

mommy.mommy.where my RIDE at?

one of the malls. corn exchange..where all the goths and punks hang out

what's a trip without foood.


I got love in my tummy

how smart of me.. it was freezing cold.

and I was nicely eating ice-cream

Later on.. we went to German Market.

some christmas market thingy. =)

yummmy.. Chocolate covered Strawberries

Sis and I

Later that night..

a treat for my sister.. in My wonder Bra!


HAppy 19th Birthday! <3>

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