Wednesday, March 05, 2008

hello there! I know i havent been blogging lately.well a month to be exact :)

but i reallly need to blog bout this. cannot tahan oredi.
eventho i bitch bout it to almost half the world.
now im bitching bout it to the other half of the world.

ANYways, as y'all know
im taking driving liscence now.
yeap. both car and motosikal
haha.weird i know.
my dad thot it would be an advantage to have motor liscence. i was saying.
I got my L liscence oredi.
which means i can go for the 10-hour classes
and im currently going for motor classses and i telll you
can die with this woman ok!

my stupid moto teacher/instructor a.k.a Jamilah a.k.a
the biggest bitch in the world! haha

she is HORIBAL!! such a bad teacher..

i feel like im dealing with Shanty all over again.
(she's my interact teacher btw).
welll at least shanty wasnt that bad.

this woman.
she scolds.nags at.blames people for no fucking reason.

for instance:
yesterday i went for my first class and obviously i know nothing lah kan
i mean i know how to ride a bike.
but not all the Isyarat and lorong shits.
so yea. I went there all excited and happy to belaja.
she was .as always so moody .
straight away asked me to ride the bike and jalan along the circuit.
so ok.i did.
i didnt wanna argue or anything coz she is naturally stoopid :)

obviously. i didnt know where to go.which road and lorong to masuk.
she told me to stop.
and she started scolding me for not knowing anything
like wtf dude??
its my first freakingg classs.
you dont expect me to know evrything?!?!!
dah tu. she went to sit her fat asss.
told me to go follow one of the students coz she penatttt.
babi l@!

so watever.i went home alll pissy.
my sister told me dont ever cry for stoopid ppl.
so i didnt.

then today second class.
nothing much happened except tht she scolded me again
for being blur.
hello . excuse me. i was trying to identify which bloody lane you were pointing at.

i cant stand her. pleasse let me strangle her.
fine. im sorrry! tht your always so fucking tired
and tht you have like gazillions students to teach
but hello! woman!! remember. I'm Payiing you.
alll of your students are paying you to teach not
laze around and boss and nag and scold ppl la cibai!
you chose to be an instructor you chose this job and so DEAL WITH IT!
someone seriously needs to fire her. god!

rite just gonna be patient and deal with her stupidness
and get it overwith.
3 more classes to go and im done.


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