Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh god! help me! save me from this misery! im done being sick.. *sobs* its been been a while since i've had this fever. 4 days was it? yup.since friday. haih. but im feelin much better now! *weee* didnt go to school today which means i didnt sit for the exams. yikes! kinda feel bad tho. hopefully i cant retake the test or do something to not get a zero! back to my feverness. you know sometimes when ppl get sick, their taste buds vanishes! lol. yea, i cant really eat that much right now but to drink lots and lots of water=s oh yea! i had my first faint yesterday! haha. it was really scary. my mom told me to go upstairs to sleep in her room. so i was walking then suddenly i started to feel very dizzy and weak.everything was black and dark the next thing .i fell and i was in a *tak sedar diri* situation. lol.luckily my mom was there but she kept screaming and crying. =) that is what my brother told me. i wish someone had it on tape. hha. anyway, im kinda sleepy so im gonne head to bed now. ciao!


triffany linda leo said...

jahat nyer

chelle. said...

u should stop stressin on ur exams laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa heheh..get well!! oh btm im nt sittin fer arts so im not coming! babi arts yuck. i cant even draw! well i hope to see you soon! miss ya!! u better come on thurs or else i'll kill u! lets go buy stufff on fri hehe but im broke...cis. okay den. hope to hear from you! muackx!

chelle. said...