Monday, May 15, 2006

*MiD TeRmS* Day 1

Exams were so sucky today! I totally screwed up during agama! and of the bm essay was about pertanian and ekonomi. when i looked at the paper. my mind was totally blank.but part B was was anout perfileman tempatan. haih..anyway, agama wasnt that bad actually =) but I wasnt really sure of my answers and i was struglling coz i didnt have enough time and i was kinda distracted by the non-muslim girls because of the noise they were making. they didn't sit for any paper at that time. kinda weird why the teachers made it like that. (",)? Another thing is I hate it when I read all the hard ones then suddenly the easy ones comes out. ish! oh well, 2 papers done ...another 12 papers to go! oh dear! =( I wonder whats gonna happen tomorrow?? hah.cant wait. oh well,ive gotta go study mom sudah bising! aiyayiay! toodles. ;)

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