Saturday, May 27, 2006

*BaCk in AcTiOn*
phew! after a long week just lying in bed! here i am.. back on th keyboard...typing! haha.. oo..guess wat? im not in trolak! yup.surprise.surprise. the doctor said that i shouldn't go out anywhere and rest more! wat?! by wasting my RM180 and skip camp! ish! im kinda pissed at my mom coz she mentioned about it to the doctor! eeyee..Anyway, thats fine..there's stilll tekam.. i actually wanted to tell about my day in hospital yesterday where i had to take my blood..
again! to know my platelet level..oh god! i hate trainee doctors! so yea, you know what the doctor did.. she poked the first syringe in the right arm.. it actually wouldnt take only a few seconds.. so ok la.. but with this woman.. it was like waiting for the ice to melt!! anyway, i looked away coz i was scared and when i look back...the freakin needle was still in my arm and the doctor was stilll looking for the vein or whatever she was looking for! i was like..wat?! are you crazy?! take that needle out!! it really hurt and i felt like i was losing blood! haha. so yea, that was just the first attemp! then she did the same thing AGAIN on my left arm..i mean left hand! the pain was worst coz it was the hand not the arm! and so, i think she gave up coz she didnt know what else to do! doink! i started crying! then my mom came in and comforted me! she called the nurse to do it and the nurse did it... well without torturing me! horray to the nurse! the morale is: never make a trainee doctor take your blood because they never know what they're doing! i wonder what's gonna happen if they were to operate someone?! haha. the patient will probably die! ;D oh dear! that was one nightmare!


triffany linda leo said...

lol..sounds like a good start for the holz..missing u.

chelle. said...

update update update!!