Sunday, June 04, 2006

+BOreDom Kills Me+
Its been a while since the holidays started..a week to be exact! and all ive been doing is sit and rot at home..i havent been going out! no holidays, no hanging out..nope..nothing! waaa..oh but wait! i was sent to this seminar few days back. yea i noe.. lame.lame. what was it called? errm..the "kursus motivasi bersepadu pelajar" haha.. oh mygosh! i can believe i actually agreed to go for ot. it wasn't even fun..except the part where my cousins were also there, other than that..bluekk! haih.. im so bored! my friends are all out there enjoying theirselves. oh well.. I watched scary movie yesterday.. wasn't really wasnt as funny as the previous movies..but i have to admit scary movie 3 was the best! coudnt stop laughing! *weee* oh! and i ws also watching supernatural for the first time..on thursday was it? ermm.yea. and the big brother..Dean is
smokinn hott!! woot! actually they're both hot and cute! but i like dean better! psssstttt.. ;)
ok.ok maybe im just over-reacting..but i cant get him outta my head! seriously! :)
okie dokie! i have nothing much to write. just wanted to put up his picture! ooh la la. just wish someone would rescue me from this boredness! i really need to go out! bye-bye people!
*logging off*

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