Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh my gosh! School! tomorrow! do i have homework? teehee.. dang! my holz..wasted! only went out like once or twice. didn't even get to spend time with my friends! ish! 2 weeks..gone.just like that. foooh.. oh well, there is another holiday comin up rite? :) anyway, i just realised that it has been a month since i've menghidupkan the blog! never thought it would last this long! haha.. wee! well done ei. cant think of what to write..
oh yes! the BALL season has begun.. lol. so all those crazy football fans.. fasten yer seatbelts! i dunno why they always say that! =p anyways, i was watching the match just now (England vs Paraguay)..hehe. i know what yea not me. but hey, its interesting! its really fun la to watch and to feel the thrill whether they're gonna score a goal or not. anyways, im gonna keep watching all the match..if i survive! hehe. my eldest sister is a football freak..and so she's telling me everything about football and the teams and basicly...everything about fooball! so yea, im still learning. hehe. I support england coz thats the only team i know! haha. ok. im gonna go watch the match now! so proud of myself! see ya! toodles! ;)

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