Monday, June 26, 2006

KiWaNiS DoWn's SyNdrOme Carnival
Another tiring day! but at least i had fun..or did i not? hehe.. i did.. woke up at 6.30am busy drawing a design for the paint on. =) then.. left at 9.00 by lrt.then took a cab there..oh god, the cab driver was drivin me crazy! he kept complaining and crapping coz he coudn't find the place coz it was kinda hidden.. are they allowed to do that? haih..we gave him the map, and he was still complaining coz the map was to was hilarious actually..coz we coudn't understand what he was sayin..haha..and so we got there, finally! we thot we were late..but the turned out we were earlier than the paint! haha..and so, we waited for the others to come..then ling and sandy arrived at 10.30, also the BB boys.. i was surprised they actually came! appreciate it! =) so, the paint arrived and we started painting each others face and customers also.. we were clueless and did know what to do..and..ehem, we're not much of a painter! especially on ppl's to be exact! omigosh, they kept movin here and there..but they were cute! there were also a few down's syndrome kids..hehe, so we painted and painted..actually it was more like crayonted..coz we used crayon instead of paint.. it was really fun.. there were also few kids waqnted spiderman on their face..the whole face i meant! and i was like.. your on your own ling! haha.. but, she manage to draw it with sandy's was quite nice actually..then, ling,sandy,ili and naqjwa left at around 1.30 pm leaving me alone with joanne! not that she's annoying or wat..its just that she was even clueless! haha..and there were so many customers! oh my gosh! i felt like crying...i think i did didn't i? haha..oh well, luckily everyhting went well. then, at 2.00 pm triff arrived. finally! hehe. but at that tiime, there were'nt much people. so..we got to rest..then people started coming again.. but this time, it was parents.. i mean fathers! haha..did i forget to mention..its fooball season! they all wanted flags on their faces. and so, the carnival ended around 4.30 pm. went home with joanne..and slept untill just now around 6.00. and now im here typing..hehe.. phew! wat a day! im planning to skip school tomorrow! too tired.. :( that's about it..i feel like a true comm.service dir. already! hehe! woot woot! okiay.. hey, high school musical's premiering tonight! yeay! but i dont know why its on a sunday? hehe. ciao! =)
ps: sory if i have spelling errors.. Kimmy, you may correct it! =)
while waiting for the paint to come..
why is my expression like that?=)
Artist at work ;)
WorLd CuP BaBeS

i dont know what happen to the other pictures.. =)

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