Monday, June 05, 2006

yeay! i just found out that my cousins are coming today! weee.. also heard were going to bintang walk tonite..errm..haha..haven't really been to that place actually but from what i know its very crowded and has lots of shops! haha (evil laugh) lol.
anyways, i just noticed something about singers/bands and basicly celebrities la..
They use colours as their kinda weird but sounds nice. lol
i have list of em': -
-White stripes
- Black eyed peas
- red hot chili peppers
- Yellowcard
- Greenday
- Pink
- Blue Rain
yeap, that's about it.. haha..running out of names i guess? :) oh well, im off to watch tv.. i'll let y'all know what happens tonite.. hopefully i get to buy new outfits! haha.. omigosh! its just bintang walk! hehe. toodles!

1 comment:

triffany linda leo said...

u missed out deep purple and blue