Thursday, June 29, 2006

And so.. i conviced my sister not to come for the report card day.. =) my mom's in johor and my dad.. well he's just busy.. im always afraid of my sister when it comes to results! i remember she came to collect my report card last year..=( all the way home she was scolding me like 'the elder sister scolding the younger sister'! =p really scary.. (hawa... i no your reading this) so yea, i told her my report card this year is all 'tidak hadir'.. coz i didn't come for the second week of exam..that's why.. btw, i got second last! hehe. never in my life i felt so dumb. well, alot of times actually. bimbo-ness! that's about it.. i'll be prepared for the upcoming test! cheh..yea rite!

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