Thursday, June 08, 2006

+F.U.N+ (",)
Wee! hehe. went out yesterday! finally..some fun! anyways, got to sleep in a hotel..a suite! federal hotel was it? haha.. but unfortunately, it wasn't that nice a normal hotel room..except its bigger and has more bed and tv. hehe. yeap. so yea, woke up at 8.30 am, had breakfast, walked around a bit then off to KLCC where we went to the aquaria place. suprisingly, it wasn't as cunted as i thought it would be.heh. even the national zoo is much better! haha.euww. but yea, its not that worth it if yea go and the ticket price is mother furking expensive! had to pretend i was a child so that the price would be cheaper! lol.. its true! The thing is, if you plan to go..please dont! hehe.. may i suggest petrosains instead? heh.ok.moving on.. then we! haha..but i didn't get anything! boo hoo! everything was too expensive! waa.. anyways, my cousin and i were like hangin around the round thing on the second floor and we were observing everyone down there.. saw some hotties! haha.. neways, we saw two of the akademi fantasia 4 girls..who? liya and nora..yea..them. so, we were like thinking..hey? lets shout out their names or we did! "liya! nora! AF girls! we love you! wwoooo!" everyone was like..watda hell? haha.. then we did something stupider! we shouted "wait no la! u girls suck! your singing sux! get off the stage!" was hilarious! (",) but then, it was all spoiled coz we scolded from the security guard! haha.opps! oh well, thats about klcc. then, we went back to the hotel to eat,sleep shit,watch tv then we went o.u to bowl! i was in the lead! haha. oh yea! we saw more akademi fantasia celebs..but we thought..nah..haha..
dont think we wanna get scolding from more security guards! after an hour of balls and, we went to to watch over the hedge. haha.. a bit too childish heh? it was ok.funny. i enjoyed it! hehe. it ended around 8.30 pm.. and oh! more shopping! but this time..i did get something! haha. suprise.suprise. i bought a top from ermm.. y'all dont need to know that.. haha. so we walked...and shopped..walked..and shopped.. isn't that the same? hehe.. it all ended around 10.30pm..then everyone was in lala land(sleepy) already.. then my cousins went back to the hotel *sobs* then my brother and sisters and me wnet home.. and
The end! i just photos! heh.. oh well! at least i had fun! but i nedd more! friends?? michelle? you haven't took me shopping! triffy? movie marathon? hehe. just few more days to school! cant wait to see y'all! yippie! okie dokie! that's all fro now.. toodles!

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