Thursday, November 30, 2006

hello people!

on the way to the town..

haha.walking is kinda fun! ;)


at Sports Bar


presenting..MR.JoNNy ChiM.

hehe.cute ain't he? too bad he's my sister's.

yes.yes. i have landed in england. its ok so far. first day i arrived and i had so much fun. hehe
as soon as i arrived, my sister and i went out and hung out with her friends. suprisingly, i wasnt feeling sleepy or tired at all. haha. i guess i was too happy to see my sister. anyway, i shisha-ed!! for the first time.wee. haha. feels goood. then we went off to play pool in sports Bar.. yup. but i didn't join in. so yea, my sister will be having classes for like 3 weeks. ish. so all i'll be doing is rot at home and freeze to death. haha. well.thts about it,. i'll post up the pics sooon.

i effing hell miss my friends!!! =(

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triffany linda leo said...

we effing hell miss u too