Friday, November 10, 2006

school, school, school... when is it ever gonna end?? sigh

anyways, we made cards yesterday! really nice ones. but mine turned out to be really sucky! haha. mei ling's grandma came to school to teach us interactors to make cards. i'll post up some pics.

and today, Datin KHAIRIAH's retirement. not retiring exactly, but been promoted or something. anyways, yea, i had to come school to do some tabik hormat thing. salute! yup. thats it. and so, Praveena came up with this weird idea.. like when datin walks by, we salute like the way the police cadet ppl does it. you know, you stomp your feet and salute! hahah. it was hilarious. praveena's way of stomping and saluting was like ...haha. first
she stomped-->does the body wave thingy--> and salute! hahha. gila la. so we were practicing and all la. mei ling was like 'ready, attend.. HUT!' we kept on doing it till datin arrived. and i was the first to do it. so yea, i did it la. but the rest of them like screwed it! i dunno whether they did it or not .but yea, didn't hear any stomping! haha.


haha.. Ethel looks like she's been sliced.

BoOn May and I

LaS ChiCas

I like big butts and i cannot lie! xD

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