Friday, November 17, 2006

I've been going for this charity carnival lately.. in bangsaar shopping centre. it was quite fun. oh my gosh. all the kids are sooo cute!! hehe. but yea, some of them are really annoying. anyways, there was this freaky dude that was flirting wit me. euww. he was asking me all sorts of questions like what's my name and where do i live. so i gave fake answers la. haha. but still, euw... so, when i was bout to leave. he asked for my number!! eek. can this dude get any frekier?? eergh. gross. and he was like, nak jadikan u adik angkat. yuck! he told me to call him abang... pakcik bolehlah! gosh, MEN these days! =p so yea, that was the bad part and he totally ruined my day. but overall, it was goood!
The MAze that the kids had to go through..
These are some of the stations they had to go through.
this was called"touch your feelings"
this is where they put up goood words and bad words.
the good one's feel good and the bad one's feel bad.

they used tooth pick to form this word. so when we doesnt feel so good.

oh my gosh. you dont wanna know wat they used to form this word. erghhh.

I touched it!!

weehee.the good words.

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