Friday, October 27, 2006

weee. raya has begun! and when there's raya..there's ketupat, fireworks, mercun and money!! haha. i dont have much to say actually jus lotsa pictures! nyeehehe. so yea, enjoy!
oh. jus so y'all know, i wear tudung during raya. dont be shocked and dont ask why. haha.
MaRsha and I

me, Marsha and Lea

GayBoy and I

MaMaSiTa and I

BIg Happy family.

there's more where that came from.. ;D

err. amount of selipars?

Back at my grandma's house...

The after effect.


lookie there!


Boo you!

The night before...raya!

what's raya without... Fireworks??

Types of fireworks? hahah

i dont know how i took this. but cunted rite??

i love this pic!

my sister was lighting up the 'bunga api' from one torch to another torch.

and i got this. =)


the atmosphere of firework fest! =)

sisterly LoVe

Nabilah and I

Blair-witch Project

rubbish from the fireworks.

We Burn..

hahahah. stretching?

on the way to jerantut, Pahang

(My dad's hometown )

MaliQue and Alisa


Little eLmO and Strawberry Shortcake

More Fireworks!!

we did a little experiment with the bottle..

stuffed 'bunga api' in it.



Selamat hari raya

and Happy Deepavali!!

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