Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello WOrld!
went to school today and oh my gosh shaila! I tell you, she is like the queen of mengutuk. ish.ish. our arts teacher. she gave back our "masterpieces" back today. so yea, she was sorta teasing and making fun of our artworks.
and I wrote what she said bout triff, chelle, lyn,kimmy and sam's artworks.
so yea here it goes...
eekk.. SToopid seni!! cipet!
Mine: Are you offering art next year? hmm. well, where's the tail? where's the sandles?
Triff: Triffany? this one is like people without face and hair.
Kimmy: Kimberly? ahh. this one. YOu want fishing, I give you fishing. You want scary fish? I
I give you scary fish.
Michelle: Michelle leong? oh my gosh! look! its like Picasso has gone mad! [pablo picasso is an
artist by the way] =D
Lyn: May lyn..Heng? this one. haha. its as if the Princess changed her prince into a fish and
smiled and say "oh hello my dear prince."
Sam: samantha? hmm. she didn't really answered the question. i dont see the fisherman?
sorry we suck at drawing ..... ScReW YOU!!!

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