Sunday, October 01, 2006

after school, WE {me,triff,alya,krys and julia} went to jaya coz al and julia wanted to go for threading. after that, we went to get Food! first stop was at kfc then jaya shopping centre then nelson's then mcD. lol

then later on, triff and I left for tuition. now we come to the fun part... x]
there was this weird thing that happened during tuition. well at first triff and I were doing our math work. then suddenly, triff started poking me. she told me to look up and observe the two boys sitting infront o us. I had the schock of my life! hahah. I tell you, these two happy people were playing around and hugging each other.more like snuggling! euww. then suddenly, it became three! happy threesome! the other just joined in.
then triff was like ok. so thats the wife..thats the husband.. and thats the.. mistress? hahhaha
so yea, the mistress sort of took the husband away and like whispered to him and stuff. at the same time, the husband was just staring at both of them. oh my gosh! we were laughing our asses off!!

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