Monday, October 23, 2006

ish. just got my period today. which means 11 days of non-puasa! wee. but. too bad i have to ganti. haih. apart from that, RAYA's coming!! wee. muahaha. money.! now this time i can go shopping for real! haha . I've beeen goin on one tree hilll websites lately. watching the videos , pictures, drooling over chad michael murray! grr.. hehe. and i love Brooke's hair. her fringe actually. i so wanna get that haircut! yup. and yea, since i'll be getting raya money. im gonna buy the dvd's! x] sick and tired of downloading. thi swould be my last post before i balik kampung.

nyeehee. that's the hairstyle i want! x]

!I miss MY FRIENDS!!!

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