Saturday, August 05, 2006

aahhh you made my day.. went to jaya just now at 7. guess who i met.. guess? guess! haha.. JP!! wweee.. maybe most of y'all dont know him but he's the channel [v] vj. hehe. anyways, at first i saw him walking out from jaya shopping centre. then, i just wanted to make sure whether that was really him or someone else. so yea, it was really him. so my sis and i kinda followed him. i thinked he got kinda irritated coz he thot we were like gonna stalk him. so we went the other way. then i thot, 'hey, i wanna take a pic with him!' but i was kinda like should i or should i not.. grr..thanks to my sister.. she convinced me to do so. so i did. teehee. finally got to take a pic with him. wweee... oh and we sorta chat a little. =] but sadly, he SMOKES! ish. i hate it when someone i like..smokes or does something bad. grr.. oh well, he's still hot! *drools*

ahaha. hottie and I ;)

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