Thursday, August 17, 2006

HaiR CriME.
im ugly! my hair to be exact. ish. blah. anyways, my hair's ruined. the left side. thanks to my brother. donkey! he sorta cut it when i was sleeping. he was mad. he wanted revenge. boo you! so yea, now my hair is like bald. well, actually its not that noticable but still. if you stare at it then'll see the masterpiece! anyways, may lyn wanted to fix my hair. to make it even. so she cut the right side of my pretty hair. =] she just took the scissors and started cutting. and i was like 'may lyn! stop stop! your ruining my hair.' haha. so yea, it turned out really funny. i cant really explain. you be the judge! *sigh* now, would be a good time for me to listen to daniel powter's song. 'bad day' . yeap. a bad day indeed.

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