Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weee..My dad just got the foosball table! grrr.. so that means y'all will be coming every weekend now huh? or maybe everyday?? lol..heh.michelle?kimmy?leemin?triff? lYn.. You foosball freaks! =p

anyways, today in science lab, we did something crazy but fun! haha. triff and sam's idea.. we were doing experiments la.. and we were kinda done with the experiment but the others weren't. so yea, sam and triff suddenly started mixing the chemicals! what was it potasssium chloride+ silver chloride. im not sure.. anyways, they mixed it and so, the chemical was originally plain colour then it became yellow then brown then black! haha. it was really some sorta fungus. really. haha. oh yea, kesian michelle.. she got scolded frm the teacher coz she was carryin the chemical..both the chemicals everywhere! and the teacher was like 'hey! mana ni? where is the chemical.' =D

my artwork..on a filter paper! wweee..

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