Saturday, August 05, 2006


haha.. loga is hilarious! today in school.. the prefects had their was ok la. quite boring actually. clapping and cheering..pledge..speeches.. exchange of flowers/post..seeing prefects walking down the hall..bla bla bla. i'll skip that part. anyways, loga, diviyia and melanie went to the photostat shop. loga wanted to borrow a stapler from the AUNTY. but the funny thing was, the person who works at the photostat shop is actually a LADY, but.... loga accidently said this "UNCLE, got stapler?" waahahah.. how can she say that huh? it was really funny but i wasn't there to see it. teh heh. but, seriously the aunty does look like a dude. haha.
imagine if you were a girl: boy, got stapler?
and if you were a boy : girl, got stapler?
u get what i mean.. =D oh loga..loga. u crack me up! hahahha

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