Monday, August 07, 2006

AcciDents Happens.. =]
yesterday in class we were talking bout getting jobs. Kimmy was like "i wanna get a job!"..then, suddenly.. *BaNg!* her head hit the wall behind her... hahaha.
moving on.
today during pj. before pj. we were on our way down. then theres this pole and each pole was connected by chains. metal chains. anyways, i dont know what was triff thinking. but she started running then she was TRYING to jump over the chain like hurdles kinda thing. suddenly, jumps.. trips! and guess wat, she didn't fall on the ground. but she fell on the chain itself! ouch. =D [permanent wedgie]
so yea, to prevent getting banged or tripped.
never say 'i wanna get a job' and/or never try to jump over METAL chains. haha

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