Sunday, August 27, 2006

My family and I went out fot lunch today. usually if we go out, my brother and i would be incharge of the keys and make sure the doors are locked.anyways, i was busy looking for my shoes, so i told my brother to lock the main door. so yea, he did lock the door, but..... he left THE KEYS inside the house. we realised it when we were at the restaurant. we didn't want to tell our parents coz they weren't really in a good mood. thanx to my lil' annoying sister! anyways, we were thinking and thinking what to do when we get home. i actually didn't eat! so then, i thought "hey, the window!". ahaha. as soon as we reached home, we began our mission. =D my brother rushed to the back to find for an open window. we found one. but it was up high in the sky! just kidding. it was quite high. like twice my height. .yea. whatever. i know im

here's a little conversation:
me: alright lil'bro, your on your own now.
hashra: why do i have to do it??
me: because, this is your fault dumbass! just grab that ladder and climb la.
hashra: but its too high!
me: gee. a monkey afraid of heights?? hahaha
hashra: fine! scaredy cat! i'll do it!
me: whatever!! *runs to the front*

so yea, I ran to the front and luckily, my parents were still talking to our neighbours. phew. but , my two sisters kept bugging me to open the door. so i pretended to open the door with my room key. haha. then suddenly, i heard someone screaming my name. i quickly ran to the back then i see my brother was stuck! ahaha. but he managed to get in. and so, we got in the house safely. but the funny thing was, my parents were asking why was my brother all SWEATY and DUSTY. opps. and he was like "errr.. i was exercising *grins*" haha. aiyoh.

so the moral is never give a 13 year old the house keys!



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