Friday, September 01, 2006

the parade yesterday night didn't turn out to be so bad. it was ok la. but the performances were lame. teehee. oh and. there were fireworks!! weehee.[pics will be posted up soon] so anyways, today was so boring.did nothing. bleh.and i actually woke up to watch the parade on tv! lol. it seemed interesting. then at 1 went to the curve..with my mom! ahaha. wasn't that bad except the fact that Im so dumb! why? well, she kept asking me whether i wanted anything or not.. as in a top or a shoe or something else. and i was all "takpela. mahal." what was i thinking?? arghh. actually i sorta pity my mom. the stuff were so expensive. haha. oh well, i'll make sure to say yes the next time we go out! hmm. well thats bout it. wee. and im not gong to school tomorrow! yeay! my mom actually approved. teehee.
oh yea..


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