Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NoN-StOp Laughing with Kimmy Timmy and CheLLy WeLLy
Kimmy was sitting infront with us{chelle and I} today. we did nothing but laugh and crack lame jocks. but some are really funny. haha. here are some of the jokes WE came up with. but i cant really remember all of it. hehe
joke 1 by Michelle Leong yee Ling
*during science, we were learning about colours and so michelle read one of the sentence which was -some animals use COLOURS to attract their mates.-*
michelle: hey baby! im red! [lol. get it? red? in colour?]
joke 2 by michelle leong again! =D
me: sometimes when we laugh or giggle right? why does our tomach hurts. i mean
michelle: because when we laugh our tummy goes blob blob blob. [waa?? lol]
joke 3 by Kimberley Hiew
me: michelle...michellle. michellle
michelle: shut up!
kimmy: Im a chelle. im a chelle [shell]
lame aint it? haha. but it was really funny! hahaehehahehah.
its what we do when we're bored!

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