Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thursdays are so scary nowadays.. why? because in the morning there's sabina and afternoon/evening. there's nirmala. yikes! both strict, both so furious, and they're way of teaching.. so good! haha. but yea, we got scolded from nirmala yesterday for not completing our work. hehe. she's so confusing ok. when we dont do our homework. she does check it. but when we actually do our homework, she doesnt check it. aiyh. twisted. so anyways, yea...oh. and it was her birthday last tuesday. happy belated! I wonder whats her age? oh we had like a 'gelak-ketawa festival' yesterday with the one and only dharshini! haha long-lost friend. and we were watching JAMIE too. on discovery channel *I see triff drooling* hehe.oh my gosh! there was this girl behind us.well not exactly behind us..but she was noisy. and she was like trying to talk but at the same time she was laughing! can you picture it. like bleh.bleh.belh.haha. its really funny. we were laughing at her laugh! haha. yea, cracked lotsa jokes. and if im not mistaken, triff was teasing me to the max! yeesh. I understand, its your turn to do so anyway. ahahahah. then, we left for tuitoin... bla bla bla. and I get so irritated when it rains after tuiton! o_O

I dont know what was I so curious about? lol

oh..triff. let me kiss your phone! =p

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