Saturday, September 16, 2006

~SchOoL Of LiFe~

school was so boring today! as always. only me, kimmy and sam came! as in out of the 6 of us. anyways, Yong is so mengada. well, maybe coz she wasn't in a good mood. but yea, iisshh! i feel like strangling her! i malas want to tell. just read the dialog.

mdm.Yong: ok girls. i already explain. now you explain *points at caroline*

caroline: ermm?

yong:ok *points at sri*

rebecca: errm. o-9 over?

YOng: Kimberley. please.

kimmy: 0-9 over 2-7.

i dont really remember the equation but kimmy got it correct! haha

but yea, she was really pissed la. ok obviously some of us didn't pay attention. but she doesnt have to be all. "ala, i dont want to teach la and I will only teach for the next 10 minutes. after that NO!" okay. whatever la then. dont teach our class! urgh! teachers have their days.

im back! so yea, where was I? oh yea, yong. k whatever! moving on. oh haha. I was sitting at the back but my place is actually infront. since michelle didn't come i went to sit at the back with sam and kimmy. so yea, when our Econs teacher came in, Alice. she told me to sit infront with....

Alice:Atthiya! what are you doing at the back. come infront!

me: alaa. teacher i'll be alone la.

alice: no. where's michelle? not here ah? hah. come infront.

me: no teacher. i can see from the back. =D

ALice: no. come infront. sit with dhashinee.

so yea.. its really funny. while i was walking to the front. everyone stared at me and they all were like good luck and have fun. wat la! I had to sit with dashinee! bleh! and she was smiling at me. like a really big happy wide smile! eekkk. im so mean! hehe.

anyways, thats about it. oh yea, i went to oldtown after that to get some flowers. dont ask.

then to Mcd. ZZzzz

p/s: Omigosh! TRIFF!! im watching the gerak-geri gasing!! haha. he's so cute. gasing boy.

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