Sunday, September 03, 2006

its currently 1.58am..and im still awake! haha. cant really sleep. my eldest sister and my brother are awake as well. we're really bored rite now. theres nothing to watch on tv! but i think they're watching miss Teen UsA. BimBo much? hehe. anyways, my brother found a way to entertain us. he started rapping about us [the siblings] my sisters and all la. check it out

my eldest sister is a debater,
and she thinks she's greater,
and her weight is weigher? =D
my sister is a cheerleader,
she got no brains either,
my lil sister is a cry baby,
she wants to go to navy,
and... she's gone crazy!
ahaha. thats all i know.and we were laughing like mad! i think he created more. teehee. but for now, im off to bed coz my mom is scolding us like gila! bleh.nites!

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