Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Conversation between sleeping beauty
and I =D

me: helllo? michelle?
Michelle: yea.. whos this??
me: err. ey. you sleeping is it?
michelle: huh? whos this?
me: its atthiya la. eh! wake up la.
michelle: huh?
me: *kept quite.. for fun* then suddenly..
michelle: EY! who the F*** is this??!?!
me: *hangs up quickly*

ahaha. she totally freaked me out ok! haha. i told her this morning bout the phone call. and she was like.

chelle: really you called me?
me: haha. yea! but you were still sleeping. and still blur.
chelle: oh my gosh! are you serious?? i dont remember anyone calling me! what time did you call me?
me: around 7. pm.
chelle: heh? but i was sleeping at that time.
me: oh. haha. i think you were dreaming that i called you?
chelle: yea i think it was part of my dream really ah? you called me.
me: yea. you scared me!
chelle: ahaha. sory.. =]

My dearest sleeping beast! :]

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