Thursday, September 14, 2006

BeTTer OuT The FrOnt than the BacK!

Triff and I took a cab to tuition. and that cab driver was burping non-stop. at first, we were like oh ok.. whatever his burping. then suddenly, he started burping like gila banyak! it was discusting but we coudnt help laughing.. well giggling actually. so yea, we started counting and wala! 17 Burps in 6 minutes! hahha. malaysia's Burping world record! haha.and oh. he was like 'buat music ah. music'. and i was like "hah? music?" then triff told me. him burping+ me Sneezing+ us Giggling= Music. haha. euww. can he get any grosser? lol. so yea, after we got off the cab. i was like "waaa.. fresh air!" =D. i tell you .cab drivers ..

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