Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Tubuh Sihat, Rakyat Maju' hahha..gee. today we had our Hari keluarga.. well-known as 'AeRobikthon' yea, had to wake up at 6.00 am coz we had to be in school by 6.30..yea rite. anyways, i was all ready to go to school at around 6.40.. but then, i had to wait for the cd to burn the sounds for haunted house.. teh heh.. so..haha i ended up going to school at 7.30.. but guess wat, halfway to school, i realised that i forgot to bring the corsages. so my sister had to turn all the way back.. *sigh* so i arrived at school, we straight away got called for aerobics competiton. but before the competiton started, they had this aerobic session with the teachers all also with an yea, it was really funny seeing the teachers TRYING to do aerobics! haha. it was was as if they had this "teachers way of doing aerobics" kinda thing .. anyways, back to aerobic competiton, it was really embarrasing dancing infront of a huge crowd.. but luckily most of them weren't looking..haha. i cant believe i was actually 'semangat'ed. i was infront there counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. come on! all together..haha..but overall it wasnt that embarrasing..everyone was doing it. now..Haunted was a huge success! it was really fun to scare all the ppl and funny to see them crying and screaming.. michelle, lyn and i were one of the ghosts...but michelle and may lyn were the scariest! haha.. maylyn was acting the grudge all..and michelle just stood at one corner..stoning! but scary coz of her costume and make-up. unfortunately, they left halfway.. and we were like.. oh my gosh! the scary ghosts..are gone! but luckily, there was sarah..and me! hehe. everything was fun till there was this group of machas and their girlfriends came in, banging here and there! they even knocked down the chairs on sarah! including the tables. i was so pissed! actually our monitor, chui foong already warned us about that group coz they did the same thing last year! I really dont like indians now.. typical ones.. no offence.. so yea, we continued scaring ppl till it ended at about 1.00 pm. cleaned up.. and went home.. blah. oh, we managed to collect around RM500! weee. not bad for the first time! tra lala..

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