Saturday, July 22, 2006

clementine clement
Clementine..your such an ass =p yyeessh. got in trouble with the teacher today.. but it's not a big deal. its not like we got demerits or blackmark or anything.. it was kinda funny though.. was it? hehe.. anyways, there's this practical teacher at our school..there are few of them actually.. but, there's this one who's a dude..a chinese dude..clement! wat a name.. heh heh. so yea, he came to our class for relief.. and bunch of us were making noise la at the,khartiga, may lyn, sammy, and triff.. michelle and kimmy..baik pulak! hehe.. neways, we were laughing and talking all the way..and he told us too keep quite and do our own work.. but we didn't bother..we just kept on making noise..till he got irritated .. he told us to stand up.. we were like 'oh shit! he told us to grab a piece of paper.. and we were like..ok? what's this dude trying to do.. write wat? 'im sorry sir! i'll shut up' 1000 times. haha but, he gave us two question which was :
1. how do i show respect to my teachers?
2. what do i expect in RETURN.
heh? ok.. so yea la, he told us to write 10 sentence each question and get our form teacher to sign it.. boo hoo.. whatever.. but the funny thing was, he wanted our names.. so triff went infront and gave our names.. heh.. after that, we were like 'hey, we should have given fake names.' - David beckie- hermione ginger-eva longoria- all sorts of names.. we should have done that..haha.. that's about it.. im just still thinking what to write? show respect to teachers? =)
oh yea! one more thing, haha.. i think chui foong ..BRB!!

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