Tuesday, July 11, 2006

P is for Puke!
What a bad day for 'the ppl who sat at the back' tee hee.. wat happen was..some irresponsible, discusting Juniors left a tuppeware filled with Rotten meehoon! yuck! i think it was like wat? 4 days old! euww..besides that, there wasn't just mee hoon..plus there was puke?? oh god! luckily i wasn't sitting at the back! hehe.. triff,sam, and kimmy came running infront to where michelle and i were seating.. heh hehe.. but trust me.. it was so stinky till the whole class could smell it! yuckie! yuck yuck! the smell was so bad i even felt like puking! let us have more puke's! hahah.. anyways, no one dared cleaning it up so we called the auntie cleaner..heh hehe..im sure she's use to it! haha " sorry ah auntie!" so yeah! that's the end of it.

'pagi-pagi dah busuk!' - Pn.Arpah

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