Monday, July 24, 2006

ChiCkeN CaLLs
we woke up at 5a.m to meet at school for the chicken run.which is some 3.8km run in bukit jalil.yes thats rite,we woke up at 5 to run 3.8 kilometres.i wanted to fall rite back to sleep but woudnt wnat to waste rm20 for not coming.. so we headed to school and yea.. we were'nt late. wee.but guess wat, there were still ppl sleeping and most of them haven't arrived yet.Triff called alya and she was still usual. lol. and then we went to the golf country club.. we thot we were going tu run in the field or something.. but turns out.. it was the golf course.. so yea, we did the walk.. i was with triff but she left me halfway! boo you! =p so after i ran and ran hoping to catch up with triff.. and i looked at the signboard that said '900 metres' .. i felt like dying! only one kilometre done?? two more to go.. haihz.. so i ran and ran.. but i gave up and took a shortcut! haha.. after that we ate.. went back, amcorp, had lunch, sent triff to church and Zzzz..

Later that evening, my sister left my brother and I at home.. just the two of us.. we were really bored and...scared.. hey come on. A two-storey bungalow with two young and immature kids left alone at home..=D so yea, it started raining heavily, and you know when it rains.. the astro gets like disconnected and. so does the internet.. also the electricity blacked out. damnation! anyways, we didn't know what to do.. so my brother thought 'hey, dah lama tak mandi hujan..jom!!' haha.. so we did.. we ran here and there.. took some pics. splash..splash! everything was fun..till my sister got back! yeessshhh.. she was screaming like some mad women! worst than a mother! haha.. so, we got in the house.. dried ourselves and and got to drink hot chocolate! yum yum.. surprisingly, i didn't fall sick but my brother did! he had high fever! oppss..
SiNgInG in The RaiN..

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