Friday, July 21, 2006

Hunger Strike

I have a problem with my weight (who doesn't?). If I feel like I don't have a problem with my weight, then I'd probably have a problem with the way I look (yet again, who doesn't?) i've gain weight in few months..if im not mistaken 3 or 4 months.. and when i say gain.. i mean a lot! i'm kinda irritated when my dad keeps saying that im very chubby and squishy and nice to hug.. not that want to be a nice and chubby person to hug.. even may lyn says im nice to hug..she feels comfortable! teh heh.. but yea, i dont want to be call chubby or fatty! and the thing i dislike the most tyres! i mean when i sit.. its like what?? 2 or 3 layers..yuck! fatty...fatty..fatty!
besides that, I'd like to stop blaming part of the media for creating a superficial and insecure society where only looks matter and brains don't count for much. And I'd also like to find forgiveness deep in my heart for society who is obsessed with outer beauty, which we know, never lasts.
Maybe that was in my past life. My past life where women of all shapes and sizes and not forgetting looks were counted for as beautiful.
Just like Shakespeare said, beauty never lasts long (well, at least that's what it was translated too.)

. And I have to admit, I have too many things to think about in a day and not too much time. Thank God I have a big mouth (which I have put to good use, I think *wink*). I can use that as my "beauty" weapon!
So, I guess I won't go on a hungry strike. Who can think with an empty stomach?

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