Saturday, July 29, 2006

what at tiring day.. we we're preparing for our haunted house tomorrow..didn't know it would be such hardwork! i mean of course it suppose to be like dat. what was most dissapointing was, there weren't much people helping.. from like the whole all became to 6 or 7 ppl or less? oh well, at least we managed to finish decorating! so yea, after 5 hours of pain and body acke.. i went home and had a long hot bath and slept like an angel.. oh wait! that's not what i did, went home, went online for few hours..THEN i took along hot then slept.. and now im here.. blogging! weee. look at typing..look.look! haha.. blah..neways, in the morning.. as always, spend our morning in the field..practice for 20 minutes..then start chilling, sleeping by the drain, take pics. haha its like our daily routine. lol. pics? pics?

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