Sunday, July 23, 2006

SaNdY's SuRpriSe PaRtY
Sandy is officialy 16! hehe...wee.sweet 16 that is. anyways, woke up at around 8.00 am. surprisingly i woke up early..since my maid aint here yea, woke up..did some cleaning.. then followed my sister to upm..came back around 12.00.. anyways, yea. sandy's party..was so cool! it was organizes ny ling and Vidhya.. we all arrived at 1.00-ish..i went to jaya first.. hoping triff would turned up coz she was suppose to teman me.. teehee.. unfortunately, it rained she got stuck and there was no cab. so Alya and i went to sandy's house.we thot we were late coz it was nearly two and we thot sandy was coming home at two.. haha. we just sat and talk,talk for like half an hour.till sandy arrived with nat,nik,ethel sarah. we were all like rushing here and there tryin to find a place to hide. lol. then as she opened the door..we shouted 'SURPRISE!' ..obviously.. hah. it was funny to see the look on her face.. she was shocked and her mouth was open wide. hehe. overall, everything was good. went back with triff and al around 4. then slept and woke up at 8..
PrAvee, Illya and I
Me, nik and TriFF


haha..look at triff!

waited for triff to come..wee. she came around 10.30. then we walked around..the lake. the cafe. the funny thing was at the lake there were a lot of couples sitting everywhere the dark to be exact.. triff and i were like..
triff: hey baby, how ya doin..
me: yea baby, lets find a spot. sit in the dark.. get it goin on.. sick. but yea, it was funny. and triff was like.."hey, lets go and interrupt one couple..
sit in between them and start flirting with the boyfriend." haha.. so..we got tired and went home and hit the bed. ZzZz

I lOvE My ChIcK!

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