Sunday, July 16, 2006

Install: Metamorphosis
and so, i was officialy installed! wee..more stress, more pressure, more work, more scolding...basicly, Hell!! haih.. but, anyways.. i still cant believe that our install..i mean the one that our board organized..has ended..eventhough there was lotsa work..iand i mean lots! i kinda had fun..or did i not? :) well there were some shits that got messed up..but it was all fine.. oh god! guess wat? in all those furious,agresive shanty..there is also childish-ness!.. anyways, just because we didn't pin up the corsage for her and didn't give her the proggramme book..she got pissed! i mean like..hello? isn't that a bit too childish and like over-reacting.. we were busy layaning the important ppl..which was the v.i.p's! i think she got kinda left out..but she has too understand la..we gots our own jobs to do.. haihz.. but she forgived us when install ended.. heh hehe.. over all, everything worked out well..especially the refreshments..which i had to be incharge of..i was freaking out coz there were more parents and rotarians and teachers than the food..the food was only enough for 15 ppl..but was all ok.. they didn't really eat much.. ;)wat else? hmm..nthn much.. woke up at 6 ..went to school at 8.. install started at 10.30 and ended at about 12 pm..tee hee. then went home..slept till 5 pm! after that woke up and got ready for B.O.D dinner! weee.. tell you bout that later. too sleepy!.tee hee.. so yea, install was a huge success and glad everything worked out well.. =) dont really hsve much pics though..heh.. ciao!

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