Saturday, July 22, 2006

As the 6 long years passed by, all her hardwork, dedication, responsibility, love and care towards us and her job..has all fade away.. my Maid just got on the plane accompanied by my parents amd lil'sister..on her way back to her lovely country, InDoNeSia! *sobs* i still remember when she first got her in 2001, when i was about 11 years old..she use to be so quiet and shy. I feel guilty for what i've done to her the when she was still here.. i always treat like she was MY in my personal maid.. always asking her to do everything for me.. do my chores, take food for me, all sorts of orders.. i even scold her sometimes.. gee.. and what i most like about her is that she never..i repeat never fight back or be rude to anyone of us.. so i regreted not being nice to her .. not that i wasn't nice to her at all.... =) also, she is just so dedicated? responsible? hehe.. everyday she always wakes up at 4.30 am! never fails to do so.. amazing huh?. i mean .. i dont really know what time do maids usually wake up..but from i know most of them wake up at about 5.00 am? or later than that.. hmmm.. besides that, she still does her work eventhough she's not feeling well. i mean like..isn't she the perfect maid or wat? *giggles* do yea... is just so sad to see her soon? hehe.. i understand. she has to go back and visit her family and take care of them. but i pity my youngest sister coz she took care of my lil' sister since she was 5 years old.. that's why she went together to send my maid back to indon.. *sigh* She wasn't just a maid..but she was like a mother to me.. 2nd mom! =) just hope she'll come back someday.. Im really going to miss her!
bye-bye makcik!

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