Wednesday, July 26, 2006

.weeeee.was in the field for half of the day of school today..kononya practicing for the senam robik competition.. blah.neways me.michelle.kimmy.maylyn was sleeping by the drain haha.hey it was cooling okay! and comfortable. literally. kimmy was sleeping in a genie position :D then, sam came along and took pictures of us lol. later on.amelia came and joined us .so the 4 of us {me.kimmy.amelia.michie} took pictures.all sorts of pics. pictures of us jumping.yes i know we're a bunch of fools lol. emo pics.. pose here and there.. haha michelle, kimmy and amelia even wanted to climb up the roof of the bandroom..but was too high.oh and even the tree too.. no one dared to climb all the way up the tree. lol. but i did! haha...half way je.. =p later on, during bi lesson, suspens happened! our teacher pn.rozita fainted. Pn.Toh was funny! haha. she went to class to class and said 'rozita fainted! she fainted! i dunno what to do! haihz' then she ran to the other class. haha.. first time seeing a teacher not knowing what to do.. waahaa.. oh and kimmy.. hahahhaha. everyone was worried kecoh-kecoh.. kimmy was happily lying her head on the table.. haha. she was sleeping la.. lol. that's about it.. one crazy day!*will get more pictures soon.

while everyone was feelin worried.... "yeay! sleeping time!" said Kimmy. =D
Kimmy..Laughing away! =D
old school..

When FoOls..attemps to JUMP!!

To Be ContiNued....

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